It's with great pride that I get to introduce you all to the 2019 IMMAF World Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championships - Team Australia.

Corey Reeves, Abdul Mahdawi, Dane Alchin, Loni Doyle Filimoehala, Olivia Ukmar,

Jordan Thomas, Troy Fumo and Patrick Best.

They will all be leaving for Bahrain in less than two weeks to compete for their country on our sports biggest stage and against the world’s best amateur mixed martial artists.

They will be led by IMMAFA's Head Coach Ed Bavelock and Vice President Craig Jehn as well as Coaches Alan Philpott, Daniel Ung and Ryan Dunstan.

I of course will also be there, the first time at the World Championships as the President of IMMAF Australia which is also a huge honour and no doubt will be something I will always cherish as will all of the aforementioned athletes and coaches.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches motioned above but also those who won’t be attending but have also made a significant contribution to this team’s preparation over the past few months. Lastly of course the most important element is the athletes themselves, from me and all the IMMAFA team, we wish you the best of skills and thank you all for your passion and determination that has got you where you are today, we know that you will do your country and your sport proud.

Richie Cranny



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