New Director for IMMAFA Western Australia

A message from Thomas Ngapera, our new IMMAFA Director for Westrern Australian. IMMAFA

Tom Ngapera

"I have had the privilege of being involved in multiple aspect’s of MMA including coaching, gym ownership, event management and officiating from the grass roots to the elite level for the last 17yrs in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Since relocating to my wife’s hometown Perth WA we have started a corporate fitness gym in the Perth CBD making it the third gym we have successfully owned and operated.

I myself have participated and competed in various forms of Martial Arts and team sports since the age of six.

I have a burning passion to utilise skills and experience gained to help build the participation levels of amateur fe/male MMA athletes in Western Australia, as well as helping the athletes realise their full potential under the safest, fairest ruleset and Federation in the World.

I believe in the IMMAFA vision and goals for the future growth of the athletes and the sport as a whole in Australia, and am excited about my involvement as IMMAFA Director for W.A, thank you to the President & board for your confidence I look forward to working with you all going forward".

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