IMMAFA announce their new National Head Coach

The Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia is proud to announce the appointment of it’s new Nation Head Coach, Brian Ebersole.

Coach Ebersole became involved with IMMAFA early 2019 and his knowledge and passion for our sport was obvious to all. With the shared vision of President Richie Cranny to make Australia a power house in the world of amateur MMA and his expansive knowledge and experience as an athlete and coaching all over the world, the team at IMMAFA are excited in welcoming him and his new team of coaches which we will be announcing soon.

Lastly we wish to give a huge thank you to Coach Ed Bavelock who has been at the helm for the past few years as he steps down from the coaching side to be able to concentrate on the governance of MMA and the recognition of MMA with Sports Australia.

Coach Brian Ebersole.

Former Division 1 Collegiate Wrestler 1998- 2000

Member of AKA Fight Team 2003-2005

Frank Shamrocks Submission Fight Team 2005-2007

UFC Veteran 2011-2015

Head Coach Tiger Muay Thai and MMA 2013-2014

Head Coach Evolve MMA Singapore 2017

Coach Ed Bavelock

with two of his long time students and national squad members Abdul Mahdawi (left) and Corey Reeves (right)

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