Coach Richie Cranny is presented with the first IMMAF Black Belt in Australia.

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Here's what he had to say on his Facebook page.

"A moment in time I feel honoured to share".

Since leaving the UK in 2003 I’ve always missed being a part of a martial arts family as I also left behind my own coach, training partners and federation in Pro Mai MMA. I’ve always felt being a Mixed Martial Arts Coach here in Australia especially in the early days you were viewed as almost a renegade with no roots, history or community behind you.

Wimp 2 Warrior changed that in some ways as I built a new family of mixed martial artists and coaches which started as dozens which then became hundreds and is now in the thousands which I of course feel very blessed to be part of. But until I was introduced to IMMAF only last year I still felt as an MMA Coach that I was walking a path somewhat alone, still learning and evolving but without other coaches I could learn from, lean upon and grow with.

Now that has all changed, our sport has a world governing body which I’m proud to say I am a big part of and helping grow both here in Australia but also overseas. All the things I once missed are now readily available at hand. I get to work with world class coaches, officials and athletes, I have the opportunity to further education and improve myself as do those I work alongside and also offer the highest level of competition to those who wish to challenge themselves and compete on the domestic and even International stage. It’s an amazing time to be a part of the sport of mixed martial arts and I once again feel very blessed.

The picture attached below represents something I of course cherish today but this isn’t about being graded as a Black Belt by the world federation of MMA, this to me is recognition of a 25 year journey and commitment to my sport and my induction into a family of men and women I could never imagined possible in our sport just a couple of years ago.

I’m honoured to be presented as the first IMMAF Black Belt in Australia but also privileged to be intrusted with helping dozens more of amazing Australian Coaches and Athletes who will also be recognised by IMMAF in the coming months and many more beyond.

Thank you to all the amazing coaches, students and athletes that have shared and helped me on my journey to date and I look forward to working with hundreds more in the coming years as build this amazing sport of ours around the world and one day celebrate our inclusion in the Olympic games.

Lastly thank you to my amazing Wife Zoe Cranny who has been a partial MMA widow for as long as we've been together x

Believe Achieve 🙏🏻

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