IMMAFA National Strategic Road Map

IMMAF is the gold standard when it comes to sport mixed martial arts, IMMAFA aims to be the equivalent, providing the same gold standard in regulation, governance, competition, and athlete development pathways here in Australia.


IMMAFA’S 2022-2024 strategic plan is ambitious but considering the team behind it and what’s been accomplished since 2019, we expect to achieve all our strategic goals within the timeline.

  1. Become financially self-sustainable.

  2. Gain official National Sport Organisation recognition in Australia.

  3. Build “best in class” governance structures and development policies.

  4. Work with governments to prioritise sport development.

  5. Complete the national rollout of the YDP (youth development program.)

  6. Through a youth development fund, financially support participation of hundreds of kids on the YDP.

State Strategic Roadmap 2022-2024

  1. Increase IMMAFA membership and accreditation numbers throughout Australia.

  2. Increase individual membership numbers to IMMAFA – coaches, students, athletes.

  3. Host a minimum of 3 Coaching certification courses each year.

  4. Host a minimum of 3 Officials course each year.

  5. Certify at least 2 National Coach each year.

  6. Launch National Coach internship under state coach.

  7. Host min 2 Specialist MMA mat-based comps each year for YDP and members.

  8. Run state grading for syllabus (min 2 a year)

  9. Run talent scouting events in all states in the lead up to national & international events.