You are the company you keep 

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia (IMMAFA), is the Australian arm of IMMAF. Our vision in Australia is to build our sport through supporting, promoting and legitimising our great gyms and coaches and providing them a pathway to education and accreditation. As well as that we also provide the opportunity to take part in world class competition both here in Australia and through our global governing body IMMAF with amazing events such as the European Championships, Asia Pacific and of course the annual World Championships.

 So why join IMMAFA? 

  • The opportunity to become part of the worldwide IMMAF grading system and work towards one day having the honour of becoming a BLACK BELT

  • Eligibility to compete at IMMAFA State and National Championships.

  • Eligibility and opportunity to qualify and become part of the Australian National IMMAFA Team and represent your country at International Events both here in Australia and overseas.

  •  The opportunity to represent Australia at the annual IMMAF world championships.


If that wasn’t enough to get you filling out your membership application, then check out the AMAZING IMMAF Training App available for FREE for all IMMAFA students and coaches!  

"IMMAFA’s success is determined by the success of its members and gyms. Together we can change the way our great sport is perceived, provide amazing opportunities to current and future athletes and help monetise the great MMA gyms and coaches of Australia".

Richie Cranny


Please remember, IMMAFA is a registered not-for-profit so all profits from membership, courses and events go back into supporting our athletes and our community youth programs around Australia. 

Thank you for your support.